Allow your users to create their own custom Playlists

Modified on Thu, 25 May 2023 at 11:31 AM

On your platform, you can offer value-added features to your users, such as allowing them to create their own content(s) list(s). You have actually 2 options:

1/ My List: this option is available to all OKAST customers and allows users to add content to a single list (My List).  For more information, you can consult this article

2/ Custom Playlists (My Playlists): this is a premium option (email us at if you want to have access to it) allowing your users to create and edit their own playlists. We will detail everything in this article, read on to learn more.

⚠️Warning: you can’t have both features at the same time. You have to choose between one or the other.


How do custom playlists work for your users?

Your users can create their own playlists directly from the platform. For example, they can create thematic playlists and even share their playlists with friends. But how does it work exactly?

1- When one of your users wants to add content to his playlist, he just has to click on the button:


2 – When he clicks on the button, a pop-up opens asking him in which playlist to add the content. If he doesn’t have an existing playlist or if he wants to create a new one, he just has to click on the “Create a playlist” button and give it a name.

To add content, simply check the box(es) corresponding to the playlist(s) in which you wish to add your content.

3- To find his playlists he goes to the My Playlists menu (don’t forget to add the shortcut in the header, as explained here). For info, the page is accessible via the url of your platform with /my_playlists at the end.

If you had a My List carousel on the homepage it will disappear when you activate the My Playlists feature. The only way for your users to access their playlists is to add the shortcut in the header.


from this page the user can:

  • edit the title of his playlists or delete the entire playlist.
  • enter in each of his playlists by clicking on the title.


4- From each playlist page, he can read all the contents by clicking on the button “Play all”.

or delete elements from its playlist by clicking on the icon


Note: playlists are shareable: a user can send the link of his personalized playlist to friends. This is a good initiative to engage your users and generate subscriptions (indeed, a user who would like to have access to the playlist contents would have to subscribe).


How to enable custom playlists on your platform

First of all, if you have subscribed to this premium option, in order to have access to it you must activate the option in the back office. To do this, go to Platform > Configuration and activate the option

When you activate the button, if your users were using the My List feature and already had saved contents, a playlist named “Playlist” will be created automatically with all the contents previously saved in My List.


How to modify “My playlists” page design

As the other pages, you can modify the design of this specific page on your platform. For this go to Platform > Layout > My playlist page

and choose the options you want